Make your under-utilized investment work for you

The shared-economy isn't new, but did you think ball machines could be part of this ecosystem? We did when we launched Tennis Machine Rentals 15 years ago. It's certainly proved there's demand by the general public for these hard to acquire assets, and now we want to go for ANY ball machine!

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$1k+ spent, and your investment has collected dust 360 days of the year!

We know this a common scenario for many ball machine owners, regardless of sport. Before you sell, consider monetizing it and make some additional income renting it to others. Why do it?

  • We know there is demand, has proved it
  • We believe in reducing waste and unnecessary consumption through the shared economy model
  • We want to literally level the playing field and provide these valuable, but yet expensive tools, to folks that would have never been able use one before

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Be one of the pioneering BMR partners in this exciting journey. Tennis, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, pickleball, table tennis, badminton, etc...if there is a machine...we want you and so will others!

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